Prague, Czech Republic

I love a wedding! Even more so when I receive an invitation stating the destination of this wedding is… Prague!! A place I have heard so many amazing things about and have always dreamt of visiting.

We had our trip booked for 3 nights and as the wedding was an hour outside of Prague it left us with limited time to explore the city. The girls were so excited that they packed their suitcases weeks in advance (with all the travel essentials, such as a sylvanian family campervan, wellies and glitter tattoos). After repacking the girl’s cases and packing our own, I was quite impressed that we managed to pack all our stuff into hand luggage with no need to add on any suitcases! Considering I am a serial over-packer, this was the first big achievement of the trip! Next task; keeping a one-year old baby, with the most ear-piercing scream, content on the 2-hour plane journey. Not so easy! I would highly recommend purchasing a portable DVD player, especially for short flights with no TV. We bought ours from Amazon, you can buy it here 

They love to fly!

After landing, we head straight to the wedding venue which was just east of Prague, in a spa town called Karlovy Vary. The wedding was held in the most amazing castle in the heart of a Czech forest! After two days of drinking, eating and celebrating with family and friends, we took the hour trip back to Prague. We stayed at a hotel/hostel called ‘Meet me 23’ which is located 7.5 miles from Prague airport and 0.6 miles from the city centre. We had a deluxe suite which had its own kitchen, a bathroom stocked with towels and toiletries and two separate bedrooms ( £133.00 for a deluxe suite including breakfast).

Eager to set straight off and explore, we checked into our hotel and got the five-minute taxi into the centre of Prague. As it was a hot July day (around 34 degrees) we head to get a cold drink at a bar on the riverside and stopped to take in the beauty of the Vltava river. Whilst sitting having a drink, Daisy asked ‘can we go on one of those boats pleaseeee’, pointing out one of the many pedal boats out on the water. We used Slovanka boat hire, they had boats big enough to fit all 5 of us (this cost 300czk for an hour) so the kids put on their life jackets and off we went. A tip if you are using this boat hire company you will need to bring cash as they don’t accept card payments, and they will need to see a form of id before you take the boat out. The views of Charles bridge and the surrounding buildings were incredible from the water, and there were plenty of ducks to keep Elsie entertained, who insisted on waving to each and every one. With only two people able to pedal at a time it soon became a game of musical chairs as we attempted to move around so the girls could have a turn of pedaling, which then became a game of bumper cars when the steering was in the control of Poppy. We were out on the river for about an hour and were delighted that they even have a bar that allows you to pull up in your boat and they will serve your drinks to you without having to get out. Meaning you can pedal back off with a cold beer in hand. Perfect for a hot sunny day!

Prague by boat, amazing sights and great exercise.

After the boat trip, we decided to wander around the city, crossing Charles Bridge, browsing the markets and heading to Old town square. To the kids delight (and mine) we came across Captain candy sweet shop, and we were in sweet heaven. After filling a bag each and Johnny begrudgingly parting with around £30 (oops) we went into old town square to find a spot for dinner. Now, we did notice a lot of big groups of stag dos, although we didn’t get to experience the nightlife as it was a family trip, so I can’t comment on that side of Prague.

We chose a to have dinner at ‘Ristorante Italiano le cinque corone’ which is on the edge of the square with outdoor seating. We ordered up pizza and pastas to share (we had already had a lot of traditional Czech food at the wedding) and watched as the city came to life with everyone heading out for dinner and drinks. The food was great for a cheap bite to eat (most pasta dishes were around 250czk, and you can get a pizza for only 190czk!) Our friends went to eat at ‘La Piccola Perla’ which they highly rated if you’re happy to spend a bit more.

Prague castle looks like the kind of place to feature in a Disney movie.

After dinner, we still weren’t ready to say goodbye to Prague (we had a morning flight the next day), and I was desperate to see Prague castle. So, we took the tram to go and view the castle complex. Tram tickets are available to buy from the metro stations, most tabacco shops or online. You can purchase a day ticket which allows you use of the tram for 24 hours for just €5.20 for an adult ticket and €2.60 for a child (children aged 0-5 years travel free). The historical buildings are only open during the day, but the grounds are open until 10pm during summer months. The grounds are free to walk around, however if you do go during the day you will need to purchase tickets to go into the buildings (prices vary). I had looked at some amazing photos, but nothing can quite prepare you for how breath taking the castle is. Daisy was amazed and whispered, ‘it’s the castle from beauty and the beast’ and that’s exactly what it looked like. As we head towards the exit from the grounds, we came out to the most spectacular views over Prague, we stood for a while admiring the lights, when suddenly, the sky lit up and a huge firework display went off over the city. The most amazing way to end our short trip to Prague. We will definitely be visiting this beautiful city again!

Head over to our gallery page for more photos of our trip to Prague!

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