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We went on a two hour plane with some of my family to Prague. When we got to Prague, it was very hot so we got a cold drink of lemonade, then I asked if I could go on a pedal boat. In the water me and poppy each had a turn at peddling the boat. The boat was wobbly and Poppy made us go in circles so we nearly crashed. When we went for a walk we found a big sweet shop, there were hundreds of sweets in big barrels like treasure. They had big gummy worms, bubblegum eggs and chocolate. We got to fill up a bag each, Elsie took a chocolate and ate it when mummy wasn’t looking, it was funny! We had a yummy dinner, pizza and pasta which is my favourite. We went on the tram to the castle it was a bit scary, then we got to the big door and it looked like beauty and the beast castle. We nearly went down the stairs to the tram but just in time the firework display began they were wonderful, they were incredible. After the fireworks we went back to the hotel and got to eat our sweets and watched TV but something was wrong with the tv, it wasn’t talking English. I loved going to Prague with my family and I hope we can go back soon!

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  • Karen

    What a beautiful place to visit. Fireworks look incredible what an amazing place to watch them light up the sky. Looks like you had lots of sun, fun, food and adventures.

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