Our top 5: Games/toys to take with you on a camping trip

We love exploring and being outdoors with the girls when camping. Together we have come up with our top 5 games/toys that are a brilliant addition to any camping trip!

5. Rocket Copters (  £9.99)

These are great fun for both adults and children in the evening when sitting round the campsite, or even in our garden. They’re easy to use so everyone can get involved. You can pick up a pack of twelve for less than £10. They have built in LED lights and can reach up to 200ft in the air!

4. Foam water shooters ( £7.99)

These are obviously weather dependent. If we’re forecast a weekend of heavy rain, we’re not likely to want a wild three-year-old blasting us with cold water. However, on a summer’s day, they can provide hours of fun. We usually fill an empty plastic box with water so the kids can refill the shooters and prepare to run when we hear the words ‘let’s get mummy and daddy!’

3. Laser X ( £65.00)

This wasn’t originally bought for camping, but we thought we would take it along as some friends of ours were also taking theirs. This set is for two players but can link up with anyone else who has a set. Strap on the vest, load your gun and you’re ready for an outdoor game of laser quest, with lights and sound effects!

2. Boules ( £4.49)

It wouldn’t be a camping trip for us without at least one game of boules. Great fun for the whole family and an excellent way to burn off a few of the calories from the BBQ (and toasted marshmallows). You can also get these for less than £10, and they will last year after year!

1.Walkie talkies ( £15.99)

We all agreed that walkie talkies had to be our number 1 pick! They’re excellent for when the kids want to go off exploring and are a great addition to games of hide and seek and scavenger hunts. They come in a pack of 2 but can also connect with other walkie talkies. They have a long-lasting battery so usually last us the whole weekend without having to recharge.

What are your must have games for a weekend camping? Leave a comment below.

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