USA road trip- Planning our four week adventure!

Everyone has a dream holiday. One they’ve always fantasised about going on. Whether it’s a week in the Maldives, a Christmas weekend spent in New York or a family trip to Disneyland. In a recent survey over 75% of people asked admitted that they didn’t think they could ever make that dream a reality! There are so many beautiful countries, but the USA has always been at the top of my list. More specifically a USA road trip. My dad’s side of the family are from America, and as a child my dad would say ‘one day we will go’, but like for so many, that day didn’t come. Until now…

Johnny proposed to me in December 2015, after six years and two children together. I always knew I didn’t want a fancy white wedding so planning for the big day didn’t start straight away. We discussed getting married abroad and the more we spoke about the more we realised we were actually concentrating more on pleasing our guests rather than having OUR dream day!

‘Let’s get married in Greece, it’s not too far for everyone to travel’

‘Let’s do it in May so it’s not too hot for everyone’

‘Everyone will want a champagne reception, won’t they?’

So, we scrapped that idea and started asking ourselves ‘what do we want to do?’ This is when the mention of a USA road trip came up. Instead of spending the money on a wedding day, why don’t we spend it on a three-week family road trip in the states, and have a cheap wedding along the way? The idea seemed perfect, so perfect that I went straight online to book our flights.

People are always asking ‘which company have you used to plan you trip?’, but I’ve done all the planning myself. So many evenings I’ve spent on the computer, researching campsites and things to do. A few weeks into planning and just as I was starting to think I was in over my head, I came across the website This website has saved me hours of time and I would highly recommend it to anyone planning a road trip. Using the website, you can plan a trip anywhere in the world. Just enter in the places you want to go, and it will plan your route. You can also see hotels, campsites, places of interest, restaurants etc, along your route.

Another website I would highly recommend is TripAdvisor, it’s great for checking out campsite reviews and taking you directly to their website. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do whilst on your road trip then The Crazy Tourist ( is a great place to start. There you will find hundreds of destinations with ideas on what to do, where to stay, the best beaches and so many other useful posts.

With all the plans for the trip coming together I thought I had better start organising our wedding. We looked at various locations (mainly Vegas because we wanted to keep the cost down) and I finally found the perfect venue, in Los Angeles! A small but beautiful chapel just ten minutes away from Santa Monica. I wanted a hassle-free wedding so chose a package that included hair and makeup, a photographer, flowers and all the legal documents that we required. We sent out invites to our close family who agreed to join us for a week in California to share our special day.

So here we are now. It has taken months of planning, but everything has been booked and paid for, and it’s just over two months until we jet off on what I hope will be the trip of a lifetime!

To find out what we got up to on our road trip check out our blog posts, starting with our visit to Florida.

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