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Days out in the UK- Warwick castle (Warwickshire)

After spending a few weeks relaxing following the craziness of Christmas, we decided a day out was needed. When we asked the girls what they wanted to do, Daisy replied ‘Can we go to a princess castle?’, so we decided to take a trip to Warwickshire to see the medieval Warwick castle. We bought our tickets online the day before and printed them off at home. As a result we got to avoid queuing and we could use our Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

You have the option to book a castle entry ticket or a castle entry and dungeon ticket. Bear in mind that children should be over 10 years old to enter the dungeon as it’s supposedly very scary! Castle tickets start from £14 per person and come with a rainy-day guarantee (therefore if it rains for more than an hour during your visit you can return for free). The castle is open between 10am-4pm on a Sunday. There is a large car park located on the castle grounds with plenty of parking spaces. (You can book your tickets here

The horrible histories maze

The girls decided to head straight for the horrible histories maze. We thought it would be fun to split into teams and race to finish (we’re all slightly competitive). The maze is split into sections with each designed to reflect a certain period of history. You need to collect a stamp from each period. We crawled through a world war bunker and put our heads in the stocks. Even after getting lost countless times, we ended with a victory for Daisy and I.

The exit from the maze leads you directly to the main entrance into the castle area. As we went in, we walked past the entrance to the dungeon with a live actor stood outside. He looked terrifying and I was quite glad the girls weren’t over 10, although they seemed glad of this too (even Daisy who had begged me to pretend she was over 10 so she could go in).

Inside Warwick castle

The castle is an incredible sight, and inside is just as magnificent. Walking through the rooms it’s as if you’ve just stepped back in time. The scene is set by realistic wax models. I genuinely worried a few times that they were real people waiting to jump out on me. I wasn’t sure if the girls would enjoy looking around the castle rooms, but they loved it, excitedly asking us questions about the displays. Even Elsie seemed quite happy to walk around with her big sisters. The history of the castle is fascinating, and it took us just over an hour to look through the rooms. After that we went to the time tower where you can watch a short video about the castle’s history. This was great for the kids to watch and learn more about Warwick castle (we stayed to watch it three times).

There are various places to grab a bite to eat. You can pay to have unlimited pizza and pasta in the Undercroft restaurant (£7.50 per child and £12.95 per adult) or pop to the Roast and roll van selling delicious hot pulled pork /turkey rolls (meal deals which include a roll, crisps or chocolate and a soft drink cost £7.45).

Exploring Warwick castle gardens

After lunch and a toilet break (the facilities were clean and had a baby changing room), we walked round the gardens. You can have a go at using a bow and arrow for an additional £3 for six arrows. The gardens are beautiful, and the girls had great fun running around looking for peacocks and watching the ducks in the water fountain. There is an outdoor seating area offering spectacular views over the garden. It’s a perfect place to stop for a drink and bite to eat.

The girls were desperate to see the princess tower, where you get to listen to a story told by a princess. The prince was stuck inside the painting so the children had to help find a way to rescue him. There are lots of other areas of the castle you can visit, all of which we found fascinating.

Would we recommend Warwick castle?

In conclusion, we had the most amazing day exploring and learning more about the incredible history of Warwick castle. It’s a perfect day out for both adults and children, with so much to see and do. There is a timetable of activities going on throughout the day, including flights of the eagles and the bowman show. We are planning to return in the summer to see the mighty trebuchet in action and have a go at Knights school (and maybe even brave the dungeons). It certainly exceeded our expectations and was therefore worth every penny.

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