6 reasons why everyone should go camping

We love packing up our cases (and kids) and heading off to explore the world. As much as we love visiting far off, sunny countries, it doesn’t take away from our excitement of booking our yearly camping trips. A weekend away from the TV, gadgets and the craziness of general life. A weekend in the great outdoors, making rope swings and toasting marshmallows. A weekend camping should be on everyone’s bucket list, and here’s our top 6 reasons why:

1. You get to experience the great outdoors
With TV’s and gaming consoles making it easier to keep kids entertained indoors, we love getting our kids out exploring. A recent survey shows that 3 out of 4 children spend less than sixty minutes a day outside. Being outdoors all weekend gets the girls using their imaginations. They spend time making dens, building campfires and creating new games. There’s so much to explore, so much wildlife to see and endless adventures to be had.

2. There’s no screens
Going on from my first point, a great reason to go camping is to get your children away from their screens. As much as I try to limit screen time, our children are living in a time where too much screen time is becoming a serious issue. We go back to basics and take along walkie talkies and card games, and the girls haven’t once asked to watch TV or play a game on a phone whilst camping.

3. It’s great exercise
Being outdoors is great for getting active. We take our bikes, go for long walks and set up games of rounders. There are plenty of ways for your kids to get some exercise, from climbing trees, to playing hide and seek, and going on treasure hunts… the list goes on. Which is also a bonus for the parents, as with all of the exercise and fresh air, the kids are always exhausted by bedtime.

4. You can learn new skills
Seeing your children learn new skills is great! Our girls have learnt so much on our camping trips. Fishing, making rope swings and dens. There is always something new to learn for both children and adults (like learning how to pack the camping stuff in the car in less than two hours, a skill we are yet to master!).

5. It’s affordable
With prices for campsites in the UK starting from as little as £10 a night, it’s perfect for a cheap getaway. If you don’t already have a tent and camping essentials there are always second-hand items up for grabs on Facebook and Gumtree. We’ve managed to find some incredible bargains! Camping is great for every budget. You can find basic campsites if you’re on a low budget or glamping sites with all of the extras if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious.

6. You get to have quality time as a family
Nothing quite beats sitting round a campfire in the evening with your loved ones. Telling stories, toasting marshmallows and enjoying each other’s company. Home life can be hectic with work, school, housework and the endless list of things to do. When you’re camping you feel a million miles away from all of that. There’s no rushing, no schedule, no early morning alarms to set. You can get away from the distractions and spend quality time together, making memories that you all will cherish forever!

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