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I was so excited to go and see nanny’s new house in Spain. Nanny showed me some pictures, there was two pools right outside her house. One big pool and one little pool for babies. We went on an airplane and I fell asleep so missed the snack trolley but mummy got me some pringles. I will try to stay awake next time. Nanny and grandad picked us up from the airport, it was very late and we went to get pizza. In the morning it was raining but me, mummy and Poppy went in the swimming pool. It was cold but lots of fun. We went on a trip to see some dolphins and we got to stroke them. They felt rubbery and I got to teach them a trick. We had to guess how many teeth they have, and when we got it wrong the dolphin splashed us, it was so funny but Poppy cried. My favourite day was when we went on a long bike ride along the beach. I rode my own bike the whole way! Poppy and Elsie went in a carriage. We stopped for an ice cream and a swim in the sea. It was a really fun holiday and I can’t wait to go back again.


  • Tracy

    Wow Daisy what a lovely little writer you are. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the hard work one day you might be writing your own book.

  • Steph

    What a great blog Daisy!
    The dolphins 🐬 sounded like fun! I love seeing them in the wild, such majestic creatures. Wishing you lots more adventures!

  • Karen

    Sounds like you had amazing time Daisy, even though the sun wasn’t shining all of the time. So good to have happy times with family and make lots of memories.

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