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Our top 5 must have: Travel apps

There’s an app for everything. As much as I prefer not to constantly rely on my phone, I have to admit that when it comes to planning a trip for a family of five, a little help is always a bonus. We have come across some amazing apps whilst planning trips and travelling, and I’m sure there are many we are yet to discover. We want to share with you our top five travel apps:


1. Roadtrippers
We discovered this app when planning our US road trip, and I am so glad we did. It is now one of our go to travel apps. You can plan a road trip in any country by simply entering where you want to go. Type in multiple destinations and it will show you the quickest route to take. It also shows campsites, restaurants, hotels, points of interest, places to get fuel and pubs/bars along your route. It is easy to use and you can keep adding to your trip until you are happy with your planned route. It’s great for planning ahead as you can create trips and save them for later. Trust us, this app will save you hours of planning time and give you lots of inspiration for future trips.


2. Skyscanner
When booking a holiday for a family of five, it’s important for us to keep the costs down as much as we can. Skyscanner saves you the hassle of searching for the best flight prices by comparing flights from over 1200 travel partners. Simply enter where you are travelling to and from, and get your results within seconds. If you’re undecided on dates, it will show you the cheapest time to travel. Skyscanner has saved us thousands of pounds and for that reason alone it’s one of our must have apps.
*Tip: If you keep searching for the same flights via Skyscanner in hope that you will find a better deal, you may have noticed that instead of the price dropping they are actually increasing. We recommend that when it comes to booking your trip, use a different device, or open up Skyscanner in a private browser on your mobile device, to prevent paying an increased price.


3. Airbnb
Another app that has helped us save money is Airbnb. With a variety of accommodation in 192 different countries, there is something for everyone. You can find accommodation in prime locations for bargain prices, or check out one of the many quirky properties that Airbnb has to offer such as treehouses, igloos and caves. It has options to filter your results so you can find your perfect rental property. And with over four million listings, you’re sure to find a great place to stay.


4. TripAdvisor
If you’re looking for travel inspiration or want to check out the reviews for the local restaurants then look no further than TripAdvisor. You can search for places to stay, restaurants, trips and so much more. It’s the worlds biggest travel site with over 600 million customer reviews, so it’s a great place to look when planning your travels.


5. TripCase/TripIt
Both of these apps help create itineraries from your email booking confirmations. Just forward your emails to a designated email address and your itinerary will be compiled. Your trips can be edited, and also shared with your travel companions. These apps are free to use (with options of paying for premium accounts), and great for having all of your travel bookings organised in one place.


We would love to hear what your must have travel apps are. Leave a comment below and don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for more tips on travelling with kids

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