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People always ask what I wouldn’t travel without, and my answer is.. A first aid kit! I know it’s not the most glamorous or creative answer but after a few trips without a first aid kit, and having to frantically search my handbag for plasters and paracetamol, it definitely makes the top of the list. We decided to put together a ‘family travel first aid kit’ that we keep everything in. After a trip, I top up anything that’s running low and store it away for the next trip. It makes things so much easier. We even keep one in the car for day trips and trips camping (essential when your child’s grazed knee couldn’t possibly feel better without a unicorn plaster on).

Here’s a full list of our family travel first aid kit:
• Plasters (water resistant)
• Paracetamol
• Calpol and syringe
• Sterile cleaning wipes
• Adhesive wound dressing
• Bandages
• Medical tape
• Scissors
• Tweezers
• Rennie
• Immodium
• Antibacterial hand gel
• Antiseptic cream (Savlon is our brand of choice)
• Mosquito and insect repellent
• Bite and sting relief (We get both the spray and cream)
• Vaseline
• Motion sickness tablets (great for any long journeys, boat trips etc.)
• Antihistamines
• Suncream (factor 50+)
• Aftersun
• Cold and flu tablets (Probably not the first thing you would think to pack, especially if you’re off somewhere hot and sunny. We both had awful colds after our last trip on an aeroplane so we’ve added some tablets along with a few Lemsip sachets into our first aid bag, just in case.)

If you don’t want the hassle of packing your own first aid bag there are some great pre-made kits you can buy. Our personal recommendation is;

Don’t forget to add any personal medications to your list, and ensure you have travel insurance for the whole family before taking a trip abroad.

Happy travels

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