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The night before our holiday we stayed at a hotel near the airport. We ate snacks and me and Poppy got to sleep in a big bed together, with mummy, daddy and Elsie next to us. In the morning we went to have breakfast in the hotel. There were eggs, bacon, hash browns (my favourite) and beans. I ate so much my tummy got really big.

We went to the airport in our car. Our aeroplane was big with TVs but we had to stay on there for nine hours. I got to touch the TV screen to order my food (a ham and cheese toastie which was really yummy, some crispies and some more crispies). You do need to pay otherwise you wont get any food. The TV was quite small but I still really liked it because you can watch movies, play games and see where you are flying on the map.

When we got to America we went to another hotel. The pool was rather big but we didn’t get to go in it because we were too busy.


In the morning we went to Disney springs, which was the best day ever! We wore Minnie mouse ears (just me and Poppy, not Elsie because she kept taking them off). I found a cupcake ATM, it was pink and sang a song when you got your cupcake. I loved it! We didn’t see Mickey mouse so Poppy was very sad. We looked for dinosaur bones with paintbrushes in a big sandpit, and had lunch in the rainforest café. I sat next to a gorilla which made lots of noise when the thunder storm came.


Next we went to get our RV. It was really, really big. It had a top bunk which I got to sleep in on my own. We stayed right next to a lake which had alligators in. We made some friends called Jaycee and Alyssa, who are from America. We played with side walk chalk and made smores on the campfire. You make it by toasting a marshmallow, getting some chocolate and putting it in the middle of two biscuits.



The next day we went to Discovery cove to snorkel with fish and sting rays. I stroked three sting rays,I was scared but I still stroked them. The lazy river was my favourite. There were waterfalls and lots of birds in the trees. I would like to go back one day because it was so much fun and I would love to swim with the dolphins next time.


We went to Devil’s Den springs. Mummy said I was allowed in the springs because I can swim, so I was excited. When we got there, we had to pay and get our goggles, snorkels and flippers. Me and mummy went in first. We had to walk down the steps very carefully because they were very wet and very steep. It was dark but there was a big hole in the roof that you could see out of. I was a tiny bit scared because there were big fish and little fish.



I put my flippers on and got into the water. It was freezing cold and hard to swim with the flippers on. Me and mummy swam and saw some fish but we didn’t see any turtles. We saw daddy, Poppy and Elsie through the hole and they took some pictures of us. Mummy swapped with daddy and we done some more swimming.



When I got out, we had an ice cream. It was incredibly yummy, but then I dropped it on the floor. I cried because I was sad. We got changed and went for a walk. We saw ostriches and one chased Poppy along the fence. Then we had to do more driving. I was really tired so I did some colouring and had a sleep.



Our campsite was by a beach and it had a cool swimming pool by our RV. It had a park too! Before I went to sleep, I got to lay in my bed and watch a movie.


Love Daisy x

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