Florida- Devil’s den & Carrabelle beach

We woke up at 6am to a slightly different view from our RV. Dark clouds, flashes of lightening and rain pouring. It was time to say goodbye to our first campsite. I could’ve happily stayed here for another week, or like one couple we met, pick a spot and live there for four months! Our next stop was Alabama, but seeing as it was our first long drive in the RV, I decided to add in a stay at Carrabelle beach, Florida. Carrabelle beach is a 4-hour drive from Orlando, so to break up the trip, we also planned a stop off at Devils den prehistoric springs for a swim and some lunch.



After our initial worry about having to drive an RV the size of a bus on the opposite side of the road, we were pleasantly surprised by how easy the driving was (by ‘we’ I mean Johnny, who done all of the driving whilst my role was navigator and snack distributor). The roads are huge, with minimal traffic and we didn’t come across a single roundabout! We arrived at Devils den springs just before lunch time. There’s a car park with plenty of room for an RV and there is also a campsite if you’re looking to stay the night here.



Devils Den Prehistoric springs

You’re not able to pre-book online for the springs but luckily it was fairly quiet when we arrived. You have to be a confident swimmer to enter the springs as you’re not allowed any floatation aids and must be over 6 years of age. The cost of entry to the springs is $15 per person ($20 at the weekend and holidays), with an additional $10 per person for goggles, snorkel and flippers. You can only enter the springs if you are snorkelling or scuba diving, no swimming allowed.



To access the springs, you have to go down two flights of steps which go underground. Once you’re down, there is a platform you can stand on to put on your flippers (and adjust to the cold water temperature). Me and Daisy went first whilst Johnny and the girls sat on the picnic benches eating ice cream and enjoying the sunshine. The springs aren’t huge but there are some fish you can see and three turtles you may be lucky enough to spot. You are given two hours snorkel time which we found is plenty. It’s a beautiful spot and a great experience but after about 30 minutes Daisy was ready to hop out and warm up with her sisters.

We switched over with Johnny so he could have a turn and we went to the viewing area to watch him snorkelling. There are some lovely walks you can go on whilst you are here, and there’s a small selection of refreshments available to buy from the reception area. To find out more about Devil’s Den Prehistoric Springs, take a look at their website



Lunch was picnic style outside the RV. We let the girls run around on the grass to stretch their legs before another 2-hour drive to our campsite.


Carrabelle beach, Florida

We arrived at Carrabelle beach RV resort late afternoon, and as we were getting closer, the area didn’t look like the kind of place I wanted to stop off at. The area looked quite run down and in the middle of nowhere. As we reached the small beach town it all looked much nicer, and I was glad we had chosen to stay here. Carrabelle beach is a fishing town, with lots of seafood restaurants for you to try. Although not as picturesque as our last RV resort, it is ideally located over the road from the beach. The beach is dog friendly, with plenty of parking and picnic benches. There is also a change room with outdoor shower.




We took the 2-minute walk from our campsite to the beach and were amazed at how peaceful and quiet it was. If you’re lucky, you can see the most amazing sunsets whilst sitting on this beach! If you’re looking for other places to explore, it’s just a 20-minute drive to St George island.


After a couple of hours relaxing and playing on the beach, we head back to the RV resort. Our hook up was right next to the swimming pool, so Johnny took the girls for a swim whilst I prepared dinner in the RV. The swimming pool had a large decked area with sun loungers, which would be a great place to relax (if we had more time). Our hook up had a picnic bench so we sat outside to eat dinner, before a quick trip to the on-site children’s playground. The RV resort also has laundry facilities, a clubhouse and for those interested in fishing, there is a fish cleaning station. The cost to stay for one night was $55. To book your stay visit




After a busy few days, and with another long drive in the morning, we got to bed by 9pm.


Next stop… Alabama!!

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