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Me (Mummy, Mum, Amy)

28 years old. Mum to 3 beautiful girls (and one oversized lapdog). Partner. School run driver. House cleaner. Cook. Homework helper. Appointment maker. Nappy changer. Personal assistant. Oh, and a part time blogger with a new found passion for travel. I can’t say I grew up in a family of adventurous travellers. My first 18 years of life consisted of yearly trips to a caravan park in Dorset and one year when my parents were feeling particularly reckless, a week long trip to an all inclusive resort in Mallorca! I remember after that I gave myself an irrational fear of flying and vowed never to leave the country again.

I met my partner at 19 and we had our first baby at 21. We were the first of our friends to have a baby and whilst we were at home changing nappies and reading up on tips about weaning, many of our friends were jetting off to different countries. We used to hear so many comments such as ‘I want to go travelling before I have kids’ and ‘Don’t you wish you went travelling before you had a baby’. And yes, seeing so many instagrammed photos of my friends watching sunsets on beaches across the other side of the world, I did feel slightly envious. A whole world, so many places to go, so many things to see. And as the years have gone by (adding two more daughters to the mix) I’ve thought a lot about those comments. Why should having children put a stop to your travelling dreams? You can travel with children, can’t you? How hard can it be?

Johnny (Daddy, Dad, John)

29 years old. Dad to 3 beautiful girls (and one oversized lapdog). Johnny has been running his own carpentry/building company for the past 3 years. He likes to think he’s the boss, despite having three little girls who have him wrapped round their little fingers. He is annoyingly good at pretty much every sport or activity he tries (I have had to become pretty good at losing), and he is guaranteed to pull out his signature dance move, the worm, at every party we attend!  

Daisy (First born, Daisy Doo, D)

8 years old. Daisy was born on a hot day in April, 2011. The most content baby, she slept through the night, always ate her dinner and loved going to playgroup. She is currently in year 3 at school, she loves horse riding and dancing. Daisy has lots of friends at school, and with two younger sisters, she likes to be ‘the boss’.

Poppy (Middle child, Pops, P)

3 years old. Born in May 2015. I cant say we were prepared for the whirlwind that is Poppy! She fully lives up to the typical middle child stereotype. She is wild, funny and happiest when outside covered in mud! She loves to dance and has just started to do gymnastics. Poppy loves her food, anything and everything!

Elsie (The baby, baby wormy, worm)

1 years old. Born in June 2017. We thought Poppy would be the wild child, but Elsie (although we never thought it would be possible) is even wilder! She is crazy, fearless and has a love of climbing and throwing herself off things in the hope that someone will catch her! She adores her older sisters, and copies everything they do. The tiniest 1 year old with the loudest scream!

Jasper (The dog, Waggy tails best looking dog winner 2017)

2 years old. Do dogs go through terrible twos? Jasper is most likely to be found chewing shoes, eating anything he shouldn’t be or just causing havoc in general. The film Marley and me has never been so relatable! Like most males he has selective hearing. He can hear the sound of food going in his bowl from a mile off but shout his name at the top of your lungs and he can’t hear a thing. Aside from this, he is the most gentle, loving dog who loves to attempt to curl up on your lap or sprawl out in front of the fire.

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