• Daisy's mini blog


    The night before our holiday we stayed at a hotel near the airport. We ate snacks and me and Poppy got to sleep in a big bed together, with mummy, daddy and Elsie next to us. In the morning we went to have breakfast in the hotel. There were eggs, bacon, hash browns (my favourite) and beans. I ate so much my tummy got really big.

  • Daisy's mini blog


    I was so excited to go and see nanny’s new house in Spain. Nanny showed me some pictures, there was two pools right outside her house. One big pool and one little pool for babies. We went on an airplane and I fell asleep so missed the snack trolley but mummy got me some pringles. I will try to stay awake next time. Nanny and grandad picked us up from the airport, it was very late and we went to get pizza. In the morning it was raining but me, mummy and Poppy went in the swimming pool. It was cold but lots of fun. We went on a trip…

  • Daisy's mini blog


    We went on a two hour plane with some of my family to Prague. When we got to Prague, it was very hot so we got a cold drink of lemonade, then I asked if I could go on a pedal boat. In the water me and poppy each had a turn at peddling the boat. The boat was wobbly and Poppy made us go in circles so we nearly crashed. When we went for a walk we found a big sweet shop, there were hundreds of sweets in big barrels like treasure. They had big gummy worms, bubblegum eggs and chocolate. We got to fill up a bag each,…

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