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    First aid kit list

    People always ask what I wouldn’t travel without, and my answer is.. A first aid kit! I know it’s not the most glamorous or creative answer but after a few trips without a first aid kit, and having to frantically search my handbag for plasters and paracetamol, it definitely makes the top of the list. We decided to put together a ‘family travel first aid kit’ that we keep everything in. After a trip, I top up anything that’s running low and store it away for the next trip. It makes things so much easier. We even keep one in the car for day trips and trips camping (essential when…

  • Tips & lists

    Our top 5 must have: Travel apps

    There’s an app for everything. As much as I prefer not to constantly rely on my phone, I have to admit that when it comes to planning a trip for a family of five, a little help is always a bonus. We have come across some amazing apps whilst planning trips and travelling, and I’m sure there are many we are yet to discover. We want to share with you our top five travelling apps:

  • Tips & lists

    Our top tips: For travelling abroad with a baby.

    When mentioning our upcoming road trip, one of the first questions we are usually asked is ‘Are you taking the kids?’ People seemed shocked that we would not only be taking our children on an aeroplane to a different country, but also embarking on a three-week long road trip with them in tow. A few close friends of mine are planning holidays abroad this year with their babies and have asked me for some tips on how to plan for travelling with a baby.

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